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This place is mint! The perfect way to learn how to turn airtime from an involuntary act into a voluntary one... Yo… https://t.co/pBVYrFEbz9
Inspired by frango no churrasco in Porto. It turns out spatchcocked chicken is banging BBQ food. #lotusgrillhttps://t.co/G6jUzbgAET
Went to see Leonardo da Vinci exhibition. Disappointing. Not one single drawing of his French girls. #manchesterhttps://t.co/Jzq5KkVNGA

The Cheshire Sect

Range Rovers, Rape and Retribution in the heart of the Cheshire footballer belt…

Sebastian Bonham is a highly intelligent thirty-something trying to come to terms with a tragedy that left his brother in a vegetative state. He is restless and looking for something to give his life meaning.

One night he meets a disturbed young woman and later discovers she has been raped by a satanic sect deep in the woods of Alderley Edge.

Unable to go to the police, he sets out to discover who they are and destroy them using his own unique skills. 

Follow Sebastian as he jumps feet-first into a collision between the mysticism of the past and the conspicuous consumption of the present.

But can he stop the sect before they kill him? (Obviously he can. Otherwise we wouldn’t be able to write the sequel.)

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