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Welcome to our website, home of the self-invented genre "Cheshire Noir" and the Sebastian Bonham novels. We say ‘novels’, but that’s a tad presumptuous. We have actually only completed one novel so far... Even then, that took us 30 years of procrastination and then two years of part time writing (and arguing).

Anyway, it’s a start. The next one will follow in a more timely fashion - if we don’t kill each other first.

Our protagonist, Sebastian lives, like we do, in the picturesque, status-obsessed world of South Manchester – but, irritatingly, in a much bigger house on a much nicer road.  As well as being a real page-turner, the book pokes fun at the world behind the fake tans, white Bentleys and onyx bathrooms of Cheshire.

Sebastian is a bit of a genius who solves problems with his brain rather than his fists. He’s more Sherlock Holmes than Jack Reacher, though his friend Mark can get a bit fighty. Seb may seem a little obnoxious to start with, but once you get to know him, he’s very likeable.

His first adventure is set in and around Alderley Edge: once the haunt of ancient druids, King Arthur and witches; now the haunt of ‘celebrities’, wealthy businessmen, Premiership footballers and their WAGs. 

It’s a thriller, a mystery, a comedy… and superb value. Even if you can read at Sebastian-like speeds, it represents a great ratio of cost to entertainment… and, if you do everything as slowly as we do, it will keep you amused for weeks.

But don’t take our word for it, after all, we’re biased. You can ‘try before you buy’ and download the first few chapters below on to your Kindle, your ipad, your computer or whatever takes your fancy. We hope you enjoy them. 

Thanks for visiting our site,

Dan Frazer

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